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Manglishsongs, Inc., is an organization that looks to better the lives of worship leaders / musicians by providing the tools  that they need to promote their music. It is challenging for some upcoming artists who want to record their Christian music and to share their talent and music because of limited resources.

Manglishsongs, Inc. has a vision to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through helping artists create, produce and distribute music.

We request you to donate toward this ministry and also encourage others to donate so that we can help many artists produce quality music. We are a registered non-profit organization and we will provide receipts for tax-deducible purposes

We will offer chords, lyrics and music samples on our website for upcoming artists to use. These basic tools are important for the artists to use to train themselves and develop their talent. If you are one of those artists who is looking for the opportunity to record or distribute your music, please contact us by clicking here.

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